The Tavern

The Taverna Lusitana (Lusitanian Tavern) is a place for entertainment with a cozy atmosphere where guests can enjoy a choice of various snacks, such as cheese, sausages, wines, jams, honey, mead, cookies, liqueurs, etc..
From the terrace perched over the rocks, we have stunning panoramic views. Here, everything has a special flavour…
We recommend the special time of Sunset.

The TAVERNA LUSITANA is a touristic set formed by the Taverna Lusitana, by the Fornvm dv Viriato e by the Bed & Breakfast.

Our Symbol

The symbol we have adopted, which identifies us, is the Celtic symbol Triskle, inspired by a granite stele found in Idanha-a-Velha, 10 km from Monsanto, where it is exposed.
It is also a tribute to the origins of our people, our ancestors Lusitanos.

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